Eating disorder research: a la carte

Continuing my mission to serve the tastiest morsels of research I can find:

Got (full-fat) Milk? no? Your ovaries are going to be disappointed.

Interesting thoughts on anxiety, AN and seretonin response.

Still hard to eat? "...delay in insulin release and elevated (pancreatic polypeptide) levels did not correct with short-term refeeding and may contribute to the high relapse rates and maintenance of anorexia nervosa."

Where the smart people will be later this month: "The 8th London International Conference on Eating Disorders"

Are parents being told this? "Oral administration of 14 mg of elemental zinc daily for 2 months in all patients with AN should be routine."

A lot more attention out there these days to "the complex ways in which celiac disease and eating disorders interact"

Have you ever wondered why twin studies are important?

I think of how hard ED patients try to resist restricting and binging when I read that addicts underestimate their cravings .


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