Harry Potter and anorexia - who knew?

Readers of Harry Potter want to know:
Is Snape anorexic?

Gold Fork lovers need to see:
Carrie Arnold turns forks to jewelry - but still eats her dinner.

Inveterate Hallmark card buyers want to buy:
"Welcome to the new normal" Hallmark's new line of cards include ones for eating disordered loved ones.

Why anorexics are more honest than the rest of us:
The difference between denial and anosognosia: one is a defense against something you don't want to be true - the other is the rational reaction to what appears to be true.

Leptin lovers like to learn:
Ways to measure recovery.

Parents doing refeeding need to know:
Insight doesn't have to precede recovery, it is a happy side-effect of a well-fed brain.


  1. You know, Snape always did look a little underfed looking. Maybe that explains his crankiness...

  2. Dr Amadore's observations about science itself and the snails pace of trickle down of research findings are almost as fascinating as his observations on "denial"


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