Maudsley Parents Virtual Family Dinner

I want to invite you to dinner. Yes, you.

On February 25, the first day of NEDA's Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the Maudsley Parents are holding a Virtual Family Dinner.

To celebrate the role of family support in recovery, the Maudsley Parents group will sponsor a worldwide Family Dinner. All participants will share a meal with available family members that day, and the Maudsley Parents site will dedicate a place on the board to share the experience.

If you care to "join" us, just post your dinner plans at the Maudsley Parents forum and then, if you like, send your mailing address to the moderator so we can send you a gold fork lapel pin. No charge, no sales pitch, no nothing. Just a bit of connection with other parents who understand the poignancy, and life-sustaining nature, of a simple family meal.

Now, how many place settings are we going to need?


  1. I'm just wondering who's going to do the dishes! But count me and my family in. :)


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