Good luck, Olympia!

Sometimes it is just time.

Last fall it was time for my daughter to take some time off to stop a relapse of ED behaviors.

This morning it is time for Olympia to return to college. She's packed her clothes, a pile of pens, and a strong set of tools to stay well.

She also leaves with our loving support, our admiration, and, um, our credit card...

Best wishes to my fierce, funny, brave, smart, amazing daughter. Another chapter in your very cool adventure.


  1. Best wishes Olympia. Above all look after your dear self and enjoy.

  2. Best of luck, Olympia! Have fun with the credit card...but not too much... :)

  3. Sorry I did not see this post until now----hope she is doing well back at school.

  4. You are very kind to ask.

    Yes, she's doing great!


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