Gisele Bundchen's Mother's School of ED Prevention

Now that internationally known model Gisele Bundchen set us straight on the true cause of eating disorders:

"Parents are responsible, not the fashion industry"

We rushed to her mother for an exclusive interview:

Mama Bunchen's Tips for Preventing Eating Disorders:
* Encourage your daughter to make a living based on her appearance.
* Assure your daughter that her looks are so important that people will listen to anything she says.
* Make sure your daughter confuses the fact that people listen to her with there being anything to listen to.
* Reassure her that no matter how uninformed and damaging her comments, as long as she says nice things about you, she's a good daughter.

Post script: There has been more coverage of one model's comment about parents causing eating disorders than all the mentions there have ever been on the Maudsley approach, the one treatment approach which says the opposite. I despair.

(post post script: I feel better: "Families do not cause anorexia nervosa")


  1. Thank you for your support of parents with anorexic children. You will never know how much it means.

  2. I've tried to post this before and it didn't work but here goes.

    Please don't be toooo upset about the coverage of Gisele's comments. We've not heard of them at all here in the UK. This is probably mainly because our news has been dominated by another "celebrity"'s comments. One Jade Goody has hogged the news here for her very stupid words and behaviour. Jade is renowned for her stupidity, indeed that is all her image is based on but at least her comments are being discussed. Perhaps, given a few searching interviews, the stupidity of Gisele's comments can also be revealed. I vote for Laura to ask the first question.

  3. I...uhh...also discussed Gisele's statements, but, shall we say, from a different perspective...

  4. Maybe Mama B. will write a book "Eating with your Model."

    I see a best seller- right alongside "French Women Don't Get Fat"!

  5. I am one week into the Maudsley approach. In hell. What i think about her comments are UNPRINTABLE

  6. It is "you" who is responsible for preventing eating disorder. Not others. Read more of Gisele Bundchen bio.


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