Round-up of recent research

What's interesting in research lately?

Presence of depressive symptoms may explain elevated homocysteine levels previously reported in patients with eating disorders or vice versa. Longitudinal studies are needed to unravel this hen or egg problem" out of Germany.

From Psychiatric News, an excellent piece on insurance and "biologically based" illness.

"Preliminary evidence supports the use of olanzapine for treatment of anorexia nervosa by demonstrating that olanzapine 2.5-15 mg daily promotes weight gain and has positive effects on associated psychological symptoms."

"Parenting as Therapy for Child's Mental Disorders" from the New York Times.

"Family functioning of patients with an eating disorder compared with that of patients with obsessive compulsive disorder." paper out of Turkey says, in part: "It is difficult to conclude that patients with AN or BN have a specific type of family functioning which is totally different from the family functioning of patients with OCD."

Belgians looking into "Pain experience related to self-injury in eating disorder patients" wherein "some experience as painful, while others report analgesia during episodes of SIB."


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  3. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for this--it's really helpful!

    Did you catch this week's "news" about correlation between anorexia and personality disorders? I haven't had time to look at it closely but it sure looked bogus to me.



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