fresh paint and the glowing eye dog

Our house is 150 or so years old, in parts, and constantly requires repairs and shoring up. This spring we finally broke down and had the 1950s-era wiring ripped out and replaced. This costly, time-consuming but mostly invisible improvement has surely made us safer but also required opening up and plastering back in many walls that were already unsightly and painted in inexplicable shades of pink from the former owners.

This was an excuse to have several rooms repaired and painted. It's heavenly. I didn't realize how much I needed this until it was done - and beautifully - in nice cool blues and greens...

But what's cracking me up at the moment when looking at the before and after photos is the glowing eye dog!


  1. Does your dog have X-Ray vision? Is it a superdog? Or an alien?


  2. Maybe I THOUGHT I had decided to re-paint but it was really her controlling my thoughts....

    Well, she picked good colors!

  3. LOVE the glowing eye dog! Enjoy your lovely new colors and pleasant living space.


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