Three weeks

Three weeks in one very small car with two lanky teens.
57 meals.
9 states.
Four grandparents.
Two uncles and one aunt.
Many old friends.
One crab race.
Lots of ducks and at least two loons.
30 hours driving round trip.
One deflated tire.
One day trip to Quebec.
Three beds.
Three Chinese meals.
One Italian.
Two new "G" skills: genealogy research and grilling.
Five different website server rescue missions, two email server moves.
One mommy meltdown.
One water park, one lake, two ponds.
Left wallet on top of car at gas station: once.
Umpteen toll booths.
One spectacular rainstorm.
Several shades of melanin enhancement.
A fresh raspberry pie on arrival.
An art deco statuette dancing on my desk!


  1. One fabulous poem by someone who helps thousands struggling with one helluva disorder!


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