what if you did it now with the body you have now

I met danceswithfat! It was at the last night party at ICED in Austin and I was introduced to the uber-cool blogger, danceswithfat, whose dance moves I admire as much as her blogitude.

Wish I'd known she was there earlier, we could have talked longer - or busted a move!

Here's why I love her:

"what if you did it now with the body you have now?"

I know too many people who are waiting to enjoy their lives, to LIVE their lives, "until I lose that 10 pounds." They may even avoid the very things that make them feel better - like dancing - because they somehow don't deserve them at their weight or that their appearance is more important than being active and alive.

Sitting around marinating in your dissatisfaction with your appearance is a bore!


  1. Absolutely agree. Too many wasted years of: I'll wear that fab dress once I'm thin enough. I'll trek to where-ever once I'm fit enough. And once I'm thin and fit and fabulous I'll dance w Ragen at ICED because only then will I be cool enough.

    Well I danced regardless. And it was fun.

    And to top it off Ragen (and Deb) were gorgeous and kind enough to stay with me after you left and I started to cry :-)

  2. Wait - what's this? There was crying? Why wasn't I invited? I'm always up for a good sob with friends. Next time let's cry together, lovely dancer!

  3. Cate

    Laura is speaking the truth about the crying thing - she does a lot of crying at the drop of a hat. She is a good crying companion, even if only over Skype - what's a soggy tissue between friends? xx

  4. Sorry I missed getting acquainted! perhaps in 2013?

  5. OMG! danceswithfat is an awesome blog. Once again, jelluzy: i haz it.

    That's a new bookmarked post, right up there with Kate Hardings
    "The Fantasy of Being Thin":


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