Speeches 101

How to deliver the scariest speech of your life to 900 people

10.     A little controversy
and this is only one of them!
9.       One good idea
8.       A little bit of anger
7.       Edit out the anger, leaving the substance
6.       Stellar shoes
5.       Clever friends to tear down and help re-stitch speech
4.       Project "from the bosom" (thank you Susan)
3.       Start very low (thank you, Kate) to avoid frightened squeaking
2.       Friends who know you're terrified so they text, tweet, email, and FB bolstering cheers
1.       Superior undergarments

**1.2 believe your friends when they say it went well, like they have a choice!


  1. You were fabulous and made the impact you no doubt hoped for--with or without the superior undergarments! See my reference to your words on my most recent post! http://www.dropitandeat.blogspot.com/2012/05/lessons-about-eating-disorders.html

  2. I bet it (the speech) and you were as stellar as the shoes (which are truly stellar); can't wait to hear more - so wish we all could have been there to witness. Bravo! Encore! - throwing roses here.

  3. Cheering on from a great distance was fun. I'll believe you when you say the shoes helped - they are BEAUTIFUL but I couldn't wear them. I bought special comfort ones recently for my very brief experience on stage - and then sat down behind a desk for nearly all of it.

  4. Laura I have been wondering how it went!!!! I'm sure you were great but wishing for some details!!!!


  5. Really happy it went well, Laura :) Loving the shoes, and trying to imagine how I wouldn't be able to wear them without pain, let along try to walk in them :D

  6. I knew those shoes would do it, am intrigued by the undergarments and want to add to the chorus of how proud we all are of you. Amazingly brave speech to make to a crowd of dissenters. Can I assure you that Marcella and I were hanging on every tweet, retweeting and the roar from the UK when someone tweeted Bryan's question - well, I hope you heard it.

    You did good, kiddo.

  7. Laura,

    I would LOVE to read the words you spoke so bravely. Knowing you over the past several years, I can guess at the meat of your text pretty well, I think. On behalf of every parent here, I'm so proud of your courage.


  8. I am so proud and honored to call you friend. I hope I can hear or read your speech, Laura. Thank you for all you do! I do love your shoes, they project such radiance and confidence.


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