1500th post celebrates ACTION and collaboration

This is my 1500th post on this blog. I set aside my writing career after my daughter's illness to do this work and I enjoy this unexpectedly satisfying outlet.

Today I celebrate with one of the greatest functions of a blog: linking to the information and calls to action out there. Back when I started this blog there wasn't that much of a network of online activism - few blogs, little social networking, no Twitter, and few comments on online articles. Now, a bad news piece brings immediate response and campaigns can  start in hours.

Fitting, then, that the Eating Disorders COALITION acted quickly and effectively on a horrific news article and then immediately enlisted US to act:

The "K&E Diet" is Wrong

Celebrate with me, by taking ACTION with EDC.


  1. Thank you for those 1500 posts - each one a special gift to us, your readers!


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