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Stare at this for a moment and see how many fallacies you can name:

Thin = fruits and vegetables
Fat = carbohydrates and fats
Thin = healthy
Fat = unhealthy
Thin = attractive
Fat = unattractive

I'm sure the artist had the best of intentions and believes the above ideas -- most people do these days. I'd like to put the artist at the table of a family who is trying to raise a young person with a predisposition for an eating disorder. Or even a family without that, just one that believes in a balanced approach to eating and does not engage in size-shaming.

Now let's see: who is posting this graphic? Yes, a hospital.

But, here's the good news: you can comment on Facebook.

UPDATE: The hospital has pulled down the image and apologized. The image came - thank you to anonymous for finding this - from a years-old DVD cover by an organization promoting vegetarianism. See comments for link.


  1. It's been the cover for 7 years now on a series of videos from the Vegetarian Health Expos sponsored by VegSource:

  2. Commented and lost my temper in a good way - what a stupid picture.

  3. Thank you, Anonymous, for that tip. Have shared with people on Facebook who are exercised about it!!


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