Students as teachers

I was on the road yesterday, visiting a classroom of film students at American University. Half of the class will be working with us at the F.E.A.S.T. symposium: filming the events and family stories and generally documenting the event. The professor, Sarah Meinke-Fish, asked the students their ideas on how to approach the project and I got a little verklempt: their creativity and engagement - they asked excellent questions and were quick to see the issues from many angles. That, my friends, is what is needed.

Having these marvelous young people there will "reframe" the experience for us in November and into the future. It is quite an honor to have the help, the eyes, and the ear of this group!


  1. I'll be glad to see these students working at the FEAST symposium. Gotta love the enthusiasm of the young!

  2. What greater gift of hope and understanding than to have these intelligent thoughtful young people not only experiencing our stories but bringing new understanding to the broader community of both their present experience and the future!

  3. So wonderful that Sarah's students are asking thoughtful and creative questions. They have the best teacher to learn from!!

    I am thrilled that Sarah and her crew will be at the symposium.


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