Things that freak me out a bit

As far as human progress goes, and by that I mean a greater grasp of reality - something we as a species value highly but are actually very flawed perceivers - this week is just big. Really big.

This freaks me out more than I can say: putting visual thoughts on a screen. Not because I fear we'll read people's minds against their will so much but because of the many other implications: for medicine, for forensics, for psychology, for communicating with children and the brain impaired. Not only are we as humans not that great at perceiving reality, we're imperfect communicators as well. Imagine seeing someone's thoughts. Imagine seeing your OWN dreams! I don't know. I don't know if I want to 'go' there. Oh, my.

And my husband is gobsmacked that the world hasn't come to a moment of silence and awe over the news that Einstein's speed of light limit may be wrong. My son's first question: "Does this mean time travel is possible?" I dunno. All bets are off!

I admit I'm still tickled and delighted by remote controls and wireless phones - voice recognition software blows my mind. Things are moving so fast...


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