Eating for Life goes online

When our daughter became ill with anorexia we couldn't find ay websites that made sense: what we were hearing was incoherent and inconsistent and - we know now - just plain wrong on the facts.

Now, the situation has changed. Most eating disorder-specific websites are more thoughtful and have far more science. While I still haven't found many sites I agree with completely, there are far more that I feel a family is safe to find and a few that are not only safe but SOUND: lacking the foolishness and including the important information.

A new site just launched you should check out:

Eating For Life Alliance focusses on schools, but, you'll notice, considers parents and families important and not an afterthought. Join ELA and let them know that good websites matter to you!


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the link. I signed up to be a Student Ambassador because my college does not even participate in NEDA week!


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