In the Company of Stone

I live in an area with some gorgeous stonemasonry - and geological history. I'm really into stone - especially stone walls - and it is a theme of a novel I'm working on. In a life with constant activity and so much virtual I find great comfort in one of my favorite blogs, In the Company of Stone with lovely, lovely pictures.

"The increase, year after year, in the wall’s bow would be incremental."

(No, these are not in my area - I just love them.)


  1. Have you seen the work of Andy Goldsworthy? Amazing artist. A beautiful film about his life and art came out a few years ago called 'Rivers and Tides.'

  2. I love stone, too. I make jewelry with all different kinds of it. Some of my most cherished memories are of the close company I have had with stone during backpacking trips in the Sierras - stone stairs and ground, stone chairs and tables, stone beds and vantage points, tiny stone decorations and giant mountains of infinitely variable and beautiful stone. That IS nice blog.

  3. You all are making me SO happy!

    I'm so glad to find this other connection with you all. Kristine - I totally relate. Erica, I've seen pictures of Goldsworthy's work and I'm captivated. I LITERALLY shiver when I look at those and want to see and touch them.

    And another friend just sent me the most fascinating place - one I'd known nothing about and now is on my bucket list:

    So, so, so glad I brought this up.


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