Florida families?

Passing this on for a reporter - we talked last night. It is up to each family to decide when and how to do interviews. For some advice, please see F.E.A.S.T.'s page on media interviews (www.feast-ed.org/speakingtothemedia.html )


My name is Laura Stampler, and I am a reporter from the Miami Herald who is currently writing an article about the Maudsley approach to treating anorexia. While I have spoken with psychologists and nutritionists, I have yet to speak to a family from Florida who has experienced treating anorexia through the Maudsley approach.

I am doing both a radio and print piece about the subject, and I would love to tell the story of a family (or families, this could be parents and child or solely parents) that has undergone this process and, in doing so, give the disease and the treatment a face.

Please contact me if you are from South Florida and would be interested in contributing. I understand that privacy is of great concern. While print does not use anonymous sources (although the child's name could be withheld, mother's maiden name could be used, etc), the radio aspect of the story is comfortable with using pseudonyms. Please do not hesitate to contact me if anonymity is a concern. We would guarantee that personal information would not be disclosed.

My number is (310) 497-2609 and my email is lstampler@miamiherald.com

Thank you so much,

Laura Stampler


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