Maudsley-based chat-support groups for parents, spouses, partners

Networking is my favorite part of my work. I enjoy introducing people to one another and keeping in touch with various work going on out there that can improve options and outcomes for families. I see so many good ideas circulating.

Here's one - and it is available now:

Dear Laura,

I hope you are doing well? Maybe you remember me and my project "Get-Connected" -Caregivers are the experts. You helped me a couple of months ago to find therapists who are interested in supervising and guiding a chat-group. Thank you very much again! That was very helpful.

With your help we are now forming a team of 14 therapists (8 from the US, 2 from Australia, 3 from the Czech Republic and me from Germany) around the world who are now offering Maudsley-based chat-support groups for primary caregivers (parents, spouses partners) and have now started the recruitment for our chat-groups.

If you want to have a look on the website, please click here:

Best wishes, Annette

Dipl.Psych. Annette Mehl
Psychiatrick√° klinika 1 LFUK a VFN
Ke Karlova 11
12 000 Praha 2
Czech Republic


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