Rebooting a tough year

Too many people I know have had a very hard year, so for us all my husband and I are breaking this open tonight:


  1. reboot commencing NOW.

  2. Good plan, and there is still time to reboot! Cheers to a new beginning and choosing to have joy no matter what the circumstances.
    Becky Henry

  3. Ummmmm. . . .

    We'll take a case.

  4. Thank you for what you are doing here, Laura.

    If only my parents would listen to anything but their own convictions. After three sessions, my therapist attempted to let my parents know that they are contributing to factors that further my anorectic behaviours. We never went back, and I have been struggling in silence since.

    I wanted to reboot. I tried. And I know that's all I really can do is keep trying.

    But I'm tired of trying, of bouncing between Too Much and Too Little and eventually hitting Sophia, Damn It, Eat A Normal Portion And Move On.

    I am beyond tired.

  5. It is not your fault, and you deserve help! Can I talk to your parents? To someone in your life who could talk to your parents or help you?

    I can't offer help directly to a patient, but I am eager to talk to any and all caregivers and adult carers! There IS hope and there IS relief and there IS a life waiting for you to enjoy it!


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