What a little data can do....

You know, research can be such an abstract thing. I think people get overwhelmed by it, intimidated by it, and don't feel it applies to them.

Until it applies to them.

There have been two big "read this" moments in the news lately. Neither are getting the press I think they deserve, but both strike me as research milestones that will change the world in real ways for lots of people.

Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk

They also point to why we need to support research and support researchers, like hint hint Charlotte's Helix. Researchers and funders put in years and years to make any of these things possible, with little credit or kudos, until and unless it pans out. These are the rock stars we should be cheering for, following, and with whom we can choose to sing along!


  1. Thank you for drawing further attention to both studies. We are now able to achieve lasting and real application from both and I strongly believe the data from AN25K will rock the eating disorder community at last!


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