Cubs for Coping

I voted!

Nicole Javorsky has been nominated for  unite4:good's program called the 4:inspiration project. We are hoping to spread out word in the community for people to vote for her, so Cubs for Coping can get more funding and she could receive a trip to the 2015 unite4:humanity awards in Los Angeles on February 19, 2015. 

You can vote each and every day at the link below for the month of October. 

About  unite4:good:
unite4:good is a groundbreaking, new movement to inspire and empower positive, global change through acts of kindness. By creating new programs and uniting individuals and organizations in innovative ways, we are igniting positive and lasting change on a global scale. unite4:good is encouraging everyone to inspire, empower, share, and love.
More information about Cubs for Coping:
Cubs for Coping provides hospitals, homeless shelters and eating disorder programs with handmade teddy bears to spread hope. Young people already have a lot to handle. Children and teens who face hospitalization, homelessness or eating disorders have additional stress to deal with. Nicole started Cubs for Coping to remind young people facing tough times that they are not alone. she knew firsthand how difficult it can be to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time, or any length of time at all. At age 14 when Nicole was hospitalized for an eating disorder, she realized that being in the hospital was even lonelier and stressful than she had imagined. Through Cubs for Coping, Nicole is working to alleviate the challenge of helping young people feel more comfortable during times of need. Personalized items remind people that others care about them. Research studies have also found that teddy bears can promote positive feelings and help mitigate stress. We support the work of programs for youth in homeless shelters and the child life programs in hospitals by donating the handmade teddy bears. So far Cubs for Coping has donated 145 handmade bears!


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