Unafraid of food, and food puns!

When I first started to learn about eating disorders, like, really learn about them outside of "very special Afterschool TV dramas," I was horrified. The books were dark, chilly and dark. Harrowing. Even those who did survive were horribly damaged and suffered longterm trauma and medical consequences. Recovery seemed only barely better than the alternative.

The narrative we read was of victims who survived, barely, and the causes seemed so deep and dark that the eating disorder seemed only an example of the challenges suffered and vanquished.

There's a new narrative now, and more and more recovered folks are getting out there to share it. Marina Abdel Malak tells one of those narratives. She joins people like Carrie Arnold and June Alexander who incorporate the newer science into their very real stories. They don't sugar coat, and they expose ED for the monster it is. Abdel Malak joins Jenni Schaefer in making that story filled with humor, too.

And Marina, well, she loves a pun. She does food puns like no other. She is the reigning queen of food puns! She's worse than my uncle and father when they're on one of those pun riffs that won't end. She refuses to let us languish in the hard parts because she is focused on recovery. On celebrating family and food and the joy that is the reason we all shoot for FULL recovery and not the half life of "almost."

I've been proud to encourage Marina along the way and was delighted to hold her book in my hands. As you can see, it is as sunny as she is, but also real. ED tries to make life dark, but recovered people show us the lightness, even the humor.

Brava, Marina, and may the book reach people with the message that you and I believe in: full recovery, evidence-based treatment planning, food, and family!


  1. Wonderful comment Laura .
    I do agree with you.


  2. Marina is so strong in Christ. Christ and prayer have helped her overcome this mental illness.

    Praise Jesus,

  3. Thank you both - Jeff and Ezra. I appreciate all your support! And thank you to Laura, who has been a major supporter in my life, as well as for advocacy for ED treatment and help. Laura has made, and continues to make, a huge difference in how we see EDs.
    Thanks again...I am so blessed to be able to use my experiences to help others!


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