Take heart in the theory of mind

Parents are perplexed, confounded, and misled by the odd but temporary symptoms of eating disorders - if we take our loved one's words and actions as their genuine and lasting self we can make horrible mistakes in supporting their recovery. It is SO important that we try to understand what is going on and often we have to do the thinking for our kids until they can.

The growing understanding of "theory of mind" can really help. This blog post by Herrin and Matsumoto is one of the best explanations I've ever seen of how this applies, and what it means to parents and caregivers.

Carrie Arnold draws on that post as well, with a patient perspective that is a must-read!


  1. There is also a connection between the development of theory of mind and those executive function skills.

  2. This article is righ on. My daughter is weight restored for about 18 months now---hooray!! And the first months were slow going but then we all saw such huge changes in her cognition, attitude, exec functions ad just everything.

    She is currently working in an internship and a class connected to it that she is soaring in and she could NEVER have done any of it when her brain was starved of nutrition....

    She is often apologetic and clearly realizes what a vast difference her demeanor, behavior, attitudes and abilities are now compared to then.

    None of us ever thought we would find our way out of the morass---

    Thank you Laura and all of you. Keep the faith---It can get better.


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