Send your questions - be a part of The Map Ahead

So, you can't come to The Map Ahead in Alexandria November 3&4, but you have questions that you'd ask the speakers and participants if you were there.

Now's your chance!

Take a look at the program and send your questions NOW to:

Make sure to tell us WHO your question or comment is for, and WHEN on the program you would ask it. Tell us who you are, or at least where you are.

If you have general messages for the conference, send those, too - and we'll post them and may read them from the podium or put them on the screen.

Would you like to stop by and watch the conference live on your computer? Well, if you are a member of F.E.A.S.T. you got a passcode to access that - and if you are not, please join and follow the instructions on your screen. It's free! If you have questions as you are watching, you can tweet questions then as well.


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