Stop believing that!

I correspond with a number of people who do not share my beliefs. These exchanges are difficult not least because disagreeing equals not trusting the other person's judgment - and people don't like not being trusted.

I'm sorry, but the eating disorder field really can't expect blind trust and collegiality when it includes so many mutually exclusive ideas. These disagreements are not just matters of opinion 'agree to disagree' 'don't be so black and white' kinds of issues.

As these debates get hotter, and they should, people ask "HOW can you possibly believe that?"

Surely, if there are truths to be known, we would agree on the facts?

Not really. Facts don't seem to matter. The more I see of all this I despair at the meaninglessness of facts. My facts are dismissed, just as I don't accept the facts of others. I "know" I'm right and know all the arguments - I even know THEIR arguments. It doesn't matter.

Here are some reasons why. They don't help, but they do explain.


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