The mammogram poncho is stylin!

Things I loved about my morning mammogram at Fauquier Hospital:

Arrived on time
Great parking
Minimum paperwork
Seen on time
EVERYONE was genuinely sweet, especially Shannon
Geek-fest explanation of the new digital technology
The modesty poncho is fetching, don't you think?
No more discomfort than an overenthusiastic hug
The manicure set parting gift: adorable AND practical**
Done in 10 minutes
The rest of my day should go so well!

**I wonder what guys get for having a prostate exam?


  1. Nice for you! My last mammogram was almost pleasant as well. First and foremost, not nearly as painful as ones I have had in the past. I was out of there before the time scheduled for the test (I had gotten there early) and everyone was nice. But I didn't get a gift. Darn. I guess my gift was that my result was normal.

  2. Well, that settles it. My follow-up is going to be in Fauquier County! I had a puce colored poncho and no "parting gift". ...and definitely no "Shannon" ;-) I think my tech had missed her nice-pills that day :)

  3. Getting mine next week...will have to ask husband about prostate exam swag!

  4. glad to see you taking care of yourself!

    What's next? Colonoscopy?

  5. mine here in the UK wasn't too bad either. No parting gift and the poncho was a clinical blue, but all in all it was not a nasty experience and the building where it is done here is very gracious.

  6. Colleen, I'll limit myself to self-care blogging above the waist, thank you!

    Glad to know all my friends are out there getting their "freeze and squeeze!"

  7. Ugh, I had one of those last year after I found a lump, so it was not a routine screening. I found the procedure utterly gross, and very painful.

    Fortunately the lump was benign, so the procedure at least had something positive about it.

  8. You got freeze and squeeze, AND a manicure set parting gift?

    I got just squeeze, no freeze, and the radiographer handed me a tissue afterwards. Yay!

  9. My first mammogram was my last, it saved my life. After a double mastectomy with reconstruction (two years),I'm alive and here for my family. Thank god for the pinch, prod and squeeze. The fashionable ans stylist smock would have been nice tho :)

  10. Laura !

    Was this your usual tongue in cheek commentary? I'm guessing it was. A manicure set? Why not a supply of birth control pills or free hormone replacement therapy?
    This way you could have extra hormores along with a dose of radiation.

  11. Poncho? Parting gift? Hospital!? I feel a little cheated. Mine, recently, was in a caravan, in a supermarket car park, stripping to the waist in front of the machine and its operator. I thought the NHS had outdone itself though - state of the art machinery in a portable unit with lovely staff but absolutely NO frills (like a poncho). My parting gift - a standard letter with a number to call if I didn't hear anything after a month.

    Erica (B)


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