Split personalities

Well, my experiment in melding my "lives" has been fun, but I've reconsidered.

When I took off the cloak of anonymity and connected my "real" name with my pseudonym it felt like walking outside naked. I felt bold and glad I did it. But it's messy. Especially on Facebook and blogging. To be an effective social networking activist I need to natter endlessly about eating disorders, but my friends and family and neighbors don't want or need to hear all that.

So, I split myself into two Facebook people recently. I friended "myself" and invited my ED community to join me. So now "Laura Collins" has her own life again - but she's sharing her wardrobe with me this time and the good hair products.

When I get a moment, I'm going to split my blog, too. But now I get to choose new names and I'd love your help. Here's a list of proposed blog names for my personal blog (mostly non-ED things, lots of tap dancing and mulattoes and stonemasonry and a few snakes), and my Laura Collins blog. I'm also welcoming suggestions. Opinions, please!

Tap, slap, and roll
She taps
Have taps will travel
Taps At Dawn
Dawn Tapper
Keyboard Tapper
Carpal Tapping Syndrome
High heeled Taps
Travelling time step
Maxie Ford
Shim Sham Shimmie
Over the top riff step

Anorexigenic mothers, unite
Stop Unmaking Sense
Parenting Disorder
Not Otherwise Specified
Eating to distraction
Mom, Dad… What’s For Dinner?


  1. Laura

    To be honest, I don't want you to split the blog. I love the masonry and the tap steps and the good books. I am afraid that I will lose the "essence" of Laura, if it is all just eds. You will stop being you and become a mere information source.


  2. Well, I agree with Charlotte, I would hate to have to click on two blogs to get the full "Laura experience" but I am pretty lazy I guess.

    However, if two blogs there must be, I like the idea of a positive eating disorder blog name-rather than a name reacting against something-a positive name coming from your current position of strength, along the lines of "Mom, Dad....What's for Dinner?" "Meat and potatoes with Laura", or "Bite after bite', or even "Incessant Barking" (since I love that little cartoon)

  3. I like "Have taps will travel"

    Made me smile.

  4. I agree, it should be a positive-type name (to match your amazing energy and outlook)
    "parenting kids...not EDs"

    and for the other one I also love that cartoon...maybe
    "incessant tapping"

    but like the others, part of what makes your blog so appealing is that there is the occasional break from the here-and-now with a bit of Laura's happy feet :)

  5. Can we have a vote on splitting blogs, please, Laura? You can change the name to Incessant Barking and add a few more soap receipes, BUT I vote NO to splitting the blog.


  6. Sorry Laura, but Luras soap box suits you to a tee. You have always stood up and spoke your beautiful, intelligent compassionate mind and wouldn't touch that title ever. Without that soapbox, we would lose so much.

    Now if you need to separate to the lighter you, that shares your non Ed life, another title would be fine. M not sure what you'd call it. You a bit diverse to lean towards one part of your personal likes. How about Laura's funhouse, one day at a time...

  7. I think the comment I wrote yesterday vanished into cyber-space, so here 'tis again. I agree with Charlotte. I like the "all of you" in one place.

    What about "Tapping Into My Life"?

  8. Laura I totally get what you need to do, my only question is why has it taken you this long!!
    As an old tapper I love the title Tap, slap and roll.
    Long may you continue to move your happy feet.

    As to the "other Blog", let me get on my soap box here.
    I see the need for a relevant title but "Anorexigenic Mothers Unite" grates with me.
    Our loved ones are not "anorexics" but children who have an illness called anorexia. Believe me we fought to overcome this with my son, who was referred to as a "Cystic". They are not their illness any more than we are.
    I dont know how about
    "Food is Medicine"

    Getting off my high horse now

    Best wishes as always to someone who strode a mighty path.

    Susan (stubbornmum)

  9. Ok so it seems no one wants you to split your blog so....here are my name suggestions for you:

    Eating to Distraction in High Heeled Taps

    Stop Unmaking Sense Shim Sham Shimmie

    Maxie Ford, Mom, Dad...What's for Dinner?

    Anorexigenic mothers, unite over the top riff step

  10. I don't care what you do, I just need to know where to find it.


  11. Agreed!
    And if I ever get to blogging I want"Not Otherwise Specified" as my title.

  12. Thank you all - I'm so tickled to get this feedback. I'm reconsidering my options and giving this all some thought. You all are great. Wow. THANK YOU!

  13. I have to add that Malia's comment nearly caused my computer to melt down. Note to self, don't read Malia's comments whilst drinking tea. It hurts!

    How's about you put your personal stuff on this blog as well as your own "Tap" one. Then Malia won't have to work out a new favourites button for your other blog.


  14. I suppose "Tap this" would be too rude...?

    I'm with the non-splitters here, Laura.

  15. Oh, Colleen. Now I can't think of any other name. Delightfully rude. But my mother would disapprove.

    My husband would fall over laughing.

  16. How about "Tapping Families for Recovery"? I also like to see both sides of you tapping ... two taps in one.


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