A new site giving parents permission, and ideas, for self-care

The eating disorder clinics at Duke and UNC have a new baby: a site addressing self-care for parents of eating disorder patients. Parents have trouble letting themselves do things to help themselves when in the middle of the ongoing crisis. This website does something important by emphasizing that we need to have our oxygen mask on first to help our kids. Caring for ourselves makes us better caregivers - and helps our kids.

Next, where's the site that gives us permission (and a bankroll) for a housekeeper and catered meals?


  1. Yeah, yeah, I know, the oxygen mask and all that. It makes sense on the surface but I have to say that anyone who suggested to me that a bubble bath would make me feel better was likely to get blasted!

    I think self-care makes more sense if you have trust that your child will recover... and for that you need a plan and the confidence that your professionals and spouse support this plan. NOT having decent support keeps you on edge all the time. So I think the #1 thing you need for self-care is DECENT PROFESSIONAL HELP!

    (sorry for shouting) (but that was very stressful)

  2. I second your emotion Colleen. I the frost and foremost part of caregivers being able to accept the concept of self care is a team that promotes parents as #1 - a vital part of the team, #2- teaches parents evidenced based knowledge about Ed and gives them the skills and SUPPORT to use them. Then, you have a team that can support self care. Really, what caring parent is going to take care of themselves first when they feel they child is in dire danger. I really do understand the analogy of putting on your oxygen mask first but that is a quick short step of action and I think Ed needs sooooo much more..

  3. I must add that am very grateful for a program that recognizes evidenced based treatment and a place for categorizes to get what they need


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