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Are you a F.E.A.S.T. member? If you are, check your email.

If you're not, you didn't get to read the recent newsletter with a podcast interview with the author of a recent book that describes a family discovering their daughter's anorexia, and the family's discovery of the Maudsley approach. It's not too late...

Membership in F.E.A.S.T. is free of charge, as are all of our services, but we do need financial support to do our work. Although we are all volunteers and all our indirect costs are donated, there are website, insurance, travel, and administrative costs to cover every month.
We need your help! In the month of December we are asking our supporters to become Supporting Members or Founding Members of our organization. if you are not yet a member to upgrade your membership

Being a member at any level lets us know who we serve, and lets the world know that parents are joining together to press for improved treatment and family involvement in treatment. Join us at whatever level you can!


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