The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh....

Amtrak ain't no sleigh.

4am woke up
5am family left for train station
6ish arrived station
8am me and the kids supposed to start our 9 hour train ride to grandma's
8, 9, 10, 11, 12pm all trains at standstill for unknown reasons, not cancelled, no news, every once in a while a train to somewhere is boarded and leaves but ours..... nothing.
12:40pm our train pulls out of the station
5pm conductor announces that train will end service the station right before ours, but busses will be there to take us to our destinations
8:30pm we arrive and unload bags and go out in the cold to busses. All busses are waiting but the one to our destination. They don't want us to wait in the cold, but it is too far to walk to the station, so we are instructed to drag our bags and selves back onto the train to be pulled into the station. We do so, unload, wait in station.
8:45pm train staff leave for the day, assuring the room of 20 travellers that "someone" will come get us when a bus arrives. The silence is deafening.
9:15 a bus arrives
10:15pm we arrive at the station that we should have been to at 4pm.

But ya know what? My husband got us to the station despite the blizzard fallout and got us put up in the lounge all morning and missed work as he hung out to see what would happen, my daughter reported that her brother was "great" throughout and that I was "good" (for the record, she was "GREAT"), the train staff tried, our fellow travellers were patient, my mother took my update calls with good humor, my father was willing to come down to the station to get us no matter what time it was, and we're HOME at grandma's house.


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