It trivializes the anguish

Dr. Ravin says what needs to be said, again.

Fighting the Wrong Battles


  1. I am consistently but very happily surprised by Dr. Ravin's blog posts. She not only gets it, she usually expresses it more clearly and more succinctly than most any other professionals I've seen or read.

    The only thing I might want to bend her ear on is the etiology of bulimia. I used to think that AN and BN were discrete illnesses, but after much study, observation, and thinking, I now believe they're symptoms sets ("stages" may be the better word) of the same brain disease process. And like many other symptoms of many other diseases, some people show a given symptom but in varying degrees, and some may not show a given symptom at all. After all, the body's internal and external environment must be such that a symptom can manifest. This might be genetically-driven, it might be environmentally-driven, and it's likely some of both.


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