Ten nourishing minutes

I've had a nutso couple of weeks, but I actually put it on my urgent "to-do" list every day to spend a certain amount of time doing non-urgent things like catching up on reading and research.

Give yourself ten quiet moments - I just did - to watch these two videos:

Watch CBS Videos Online

Watch CBS Videos Online


  1. Wow. The thing I like about the first video is that the interviewer, Dr. Jon Lapook, ASKS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS! It's almost spooky how he leads Dr. Walsh into giving good answers and staying on track.

    In the second video, I wish they had actually talked about EATING and the role of her parents.

    But who am I to complain? Both videos were so head and shoulders above the usual stuff--fantastic!


  2. Aren't they great? I loved both of them!

  3. I agree. Both videos were great starts for new sufferers. I wish with Leslie, they had gone more into the medications and other treatments being used to deal with the depression she so truthfully declared she would struggle with for the rest of her life. I am a believer, from my 25 yr old daughter's experience, that the depression preceded the anorexia, along with her perfectionism, both caused and fed her anorexia. The kitty is a great story, but does not work for everyone. If depression is great enough, even having a precious animal to know you must care for, does not prevent the spiraling effects and control of depression and possible self-harm. I would like this conversation to go further. Any ideas??

  4. In amongst all the rest; "an illness from which complete recovery is possible". I know that we debate this and have different views on what 'recovery' might mean, but I think that it is so important to hear this from a respected source.

    Great videos

  5. Colleen, I so agree about the "right questions." So important.

    Carrie, I know: right?

    Nancy - that discussion really DOES need to get going!

    Erica, I'm just imagining if that message of FULL RECOVERY was widespread how it would change outcomes!

  6. The video with Leslie left me definitely wanting more. The only thing we learn about her treatment was that it was hospital-based. I wish we knew more about how her family was involved, the struggles, the toll it took at the time, and if/how the family as a whole recovered from the experience. I agree, the kitten thing just isn;t enough...but for her it seemed like the little glimmer she needed. There are many mothers out there who have eating disorders, though, and if this theory held true then no mother would stay in an eating disorder because of her drive and desire to care for her children. This is not the case. This disease is so much more complex.


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