Long maternal separation has protective effects

Long maternal separation has protective effects

OK, maybe from YOUR mother, but not mine!

Seriously - this is interesting. Perhaps an evolutionary adaptation** to cruel times set some female genes up to respond to adversity by getting OUT of town (or savannah) as fast as they can and without packing a lunch.

In today's world those genes would present themselves as a "I'm skipping breakfast to go to the gym."

**For anyone I haven't yet brow-beaten to read Shan Guisinger's ground-breaking work on evolutionary adaptation to starvation, do so now.


  1. If they'd have called it what it really was "infant exposure to torture by starvation helps rats to survive later periods of famine" the animal rights people would have been up in arms - and I'd have joined them. Poor baby rats!

  2. These guys seem to be getting different results with very slightly different experiments.

    Poor little rats!

    But, hey we already knew girls were tougher.

  3. Maybe we need to have a little rodent intervention?

    Tiny little Magic Plates. Take away their little wheels and give them heated blankets for after the meal!


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