Travel hangover

Waking up the next morning after an action-packed trip and late flight is a lot like a hangover. Clothes and stuff all over the place, headache, blurred vision, queasy.... wait - maybe it's Swine Flu?

In any case, I give myself permission to go back to bed after the morning breakfast/bus/trash/feed dogs routine is over. Then I'll try morning again. It may feel better the second time.



  2. I'm sorry I missed you. I loved the confrence. I was there on the 10th - the profesional day was great - but I would have loved to go to the FEAST dinner. Oh well maybe next year.

    Hope you recover, I'm still trying myself.

  3. Way to be gentle with yourself Laura - what a great role model. I didn't even travel but am so wiped out from the whole conference/meeting people/embracing hope/excitement that I am feeling very low energy.

    I look forward to following up with all of the wonderful new people I met when my energy is back.

    Thank you again for setting up the wonderful FEAST dinner on the 10th. Sitting next to Melinda (Mindy) from Princeton Medical School was a delight, she is doing amazing things for people recovering from eating disorders.
    Becky Henry


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