"We can help him"

I can't get over how moving this mother's words are:

"My s(on) needs me to help him. We can help him."

That is the essence of what a parent has to know. That they have not chosen to feel or act eating disordered, and the illness will harm them irreparably if we don't intervene. We do not have to be helpless or watch in silent pain as they struggle. We CAN help our children.

All else is the details.


  1. How fortunate was she that she found your forum! Her simple words were stated perfectly for your cause Laura and know I've heard you utter them very same words. Or was I reading your mind?

  2. You and I go WAY back, Mary, don't we? And we both have the same instincts and determination - so yes, you do read my mind well!!

  3. I think this is true empowerment- knowing that you can do something to help, even if it won't "fix" the problem overnight.


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