"Full power, Rudolph!"

"Hi, Laura ... Trivial as it may seem to send email specifically to say "I watched Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer tonight and thought of FEAST ...," I'm writing just to say I thought of you and other parents at the FEAST forum while watching this Christmas classic with my kids.

When Santa says, "Full power, Rudolph!" as the sleigh heads into the foggy Christmas Eve, my brain immediately jumped to the board's commonly repeated phrase: "Full nutrition!"

And, indeed, without "full power," Rudolph wouldn't have been able to do his job/lead his team ... Santa wouldn't have been able to deliver his toys ... and Christmas wouldn't have happened that year. Seems like that's at the heart of what you all advocate with FBT ... nothing else happens until basic needs have been met. And beyond that, without today's full power, there may be no holiday to celebrate.

Wishing you and your family the best this season!

"Anon Mom"


  1. Dear Laura-

    Wishing you and your Family Blessed and Joyous Holiday Greetings!**

    XO- t

  2. And on a random note, I finally saw the Snickers Feast commercial. :)

  3. And to you and yours, Tracey!

    Isn't it funny, I read that about Snickers and immediately thought: that'd hit the spot. They win on all counts!


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