Feedback on providers

Parents often go to the FEAST site, and the Around the Dinner Table forum, and write me personally to ask about or tell me about their experiences with treatment providers. I have long sought a tool to connect searching parents with those parents with experience to share.

Well, Google is helping make that happen.

Google allows any user to create a map of existing places and businesses, and allows all users to write reviews. FEAST now features a map of any provider who signs onto FEAST's principles, and an easy way for anyone on the Internet to read and write reviews. Like Amazon and other "user-generated" reviews, opinions will tend toward the extremes. And of course no one should take any review as the sole impression of a provider. I would also ask parents to be constructive and thoughtful in their own written reviews. The reviews at Google are visible to the whole world and are written by anyone as well - this is not a service of FEAST nor do we have any control or oversight.

Google also, with the review function, offers links to any links about the provider and other reviews sites on the web as well as any information the provider has submitted to Google. Researching treatment options is one of the most important parts of supporting our loved ones to a full recovery - we can use all the tools available!


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