Disorderly conduct

Ubiquitous disordered eating and bad body image are:
  • A sign that our society is sliding into collective anorexia/bulimia/binge eating disorder?
  • Evidence that society is wicked?
  • Proof that science education in schools is inadequate?
  • One more sign of (choose your social cause)!
  • Caused by a lack of food labelling?
  • Driving people to choose eating disorders?
  • Better than poking oneself in the eye with a sharp stick?
  • An alarming trend that is fun to feel shame and gloat over?
  • Just a condition of modern life?
  • Allowing humans to unleash the powerful anti-anxiety drug of semi-starvation to save money on alcohol?
  • Actually makes us healthier since now that we know, we'll all change?
  • Pushing most people toward malnutrition that threatens cognitive, emotional, and medical health.
  • Triggering mental illness in the minority of people with certain genetic profiles.
  • Masking the presence of disabling anorexia and bulimia in individuals because the rest of us normalize being disordered about food and weight.


  1. I don't think lack of labelling is a problem. I think too much labelling might be part of the problem. Everyone is so aware of what's in their food, so a lot of people will feel guilty about anything even remotely unhealthy.

    I will say yes for triggering mental illness. I think people who might have anxiety problems or perfectionist tendencies will be pushed towards focusing on foods but all the awareness.

    Definitely for the last one. People can't see the true problems because there are so many minor issues.

  2. it's definitely a pet peeve when they say everyone has EDs, AN and BN are just more severe forms of what everyone does. grr. it's not true.

  3. •Reinforcing unhealthy behaviors because so many people with EDs are seen having "so much self control!" They're just "better" at dieting, until dieting turns into dying...


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