Dancing backwards with my best friend

One of my wedding vows was that I would never take my husband for granted. But once in a while in the dance of daily life I neglect to tell him that. I figure I've told him countless times how much I admire and adore him. I am loathe to brag in case others feel envious. I avoid speaking for him and end up mistakenly not speaking enough about him.

My husband is the bedrock of our family. He made my daughter's recovery possible. I did not and could not do it solo. Our marriage wasn't scenery - it was the music we danced to. Without his hand on my back, and our eyes on each other, we could not have helped her or our son get through the crisis or its aftermath.

Today, when it is not your birthday and not our anniversary (is it? uh, oh - better check) and not Father's Day, I want to tell you, darling, what a glorious duet this is. Night and day. Under my skin.

You are the Astaire of husbands, partners, and you are my best friend. You already know that, I trust. But it doesn't hurt to repeat it; frontwards, backwards, and in heels.


  1. You're a lucky lucky woman - and yes I am jealous.

  2. Awwww-- ain't Love grand? You both must be such a dynamic duo ;)


  3. I just hope no future spouse of mine is attracted to dancing ability...

    BOTH of you are extraordinarily lucky. All the best.


  4. Think we should clone him? Sounds like a peach! : )


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