Lobby Day report

Lobby Day in Washington this week: absolutely wonderful.

Because so many of the parents on Around The Dinner Table sent support in the form of cheering, ideas, and donations.

Because that support allowed FEAST to sponsor the food for the training day "Meet and Greet" and the Lobby Day breakfast.

Because I stayed at Hotel Mother-in-Law and she fed and fussed over me. Yes, I do have an umbrella and no I do not need lipstick.

Because I got to meet E and his 11-year old daughter, S. E's family was one of the first on the forum. S was, by some reports, the most effective lobbyist of the day as she described the unique anguish of watching her sister suffer and her parents and extended family cope - and sucessfully support recovery.

Because I also got to meet C, a more recent dad on the forum and one of my trusted advisers as FEAST has gotten off the ground. C and my husband were fast friends at the evening reception overlooking the Capitol plotting the overthrow of Old School treatments.

Because my valued friends Carrie and her mom were there!

And wonderful D and her daughter - who brought their friend D who was such a wonderful partner on my Virginia lobbying team.

By my calculations, 10% of Lobby Day participants were part of the ATDT/FEAST community. You cannot imagine how happy and honored I was to be part of this event along with them. I did not get to spend enough time with any of them.

EDC does a wonderful job, and I believe it has an impact. Mental health parity legislation and the FREED Act were advanced a step this week. I am so looking forward to doing it again next year!


  1. Thank you Laura, thank you, thank you, thank you.


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