What is the role of the pediatrician in Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders?

I'm beyond pleased to share this new article, available for free online for you to print out for YOUR pediatrician, not least because I had the opportunity to help out a bit with it...

For many of us the family doctor or pediatrician is the first port of call when we suspect something is wrong. This is where it can go wrong (ours thought our daughter needed "more salt") or very, very right. This article gives the information to pediatricians in a form and with the authority they need it.

If your child's pediatrician is giving you funny looks when you mention Family-Based Treatment: here's the cure.

If your child's pediatrician is backing away slowly in concern when you say you want to take over re-feeding at home: here's reassurance.

If your pediatrician thinks your family's therapist is selling snake oil: here's verification.

The article may be for pediatricians but I can guarantee it will be widely used by parents to help work WITH their pediatricians. Copy 1 goes to our family doctor.


  1. Hi, its the first time I read your blog, I find it very interesting, pediatrician´s role you mean in tean eating disorders? or its like the family doctor?

  2. Pediatricians work with patients through to early 20s.

  3. Laura,

    Eager to have access to the article, however having trouble with your link. Is the only way to read the article to be a paid subscriber to the journal?

    Thank you for your time!

  4. Laura,

    Eager to access the article, however I am having trouble with your link. I the only way to have access to the article to be a paid subscriber to the journal?

    Appreciate your time!

  5. Arg! It was available for free online but seems not to be any more! Arg!

  6. Appreciate your response, Laura. I am an FBT provider in Illinois and this information would greatly benefit our work with pediatricians in our community, is the best way to acquire this article to purchase a subscription then?


  7. Drives me crazy: when there's a great article I want the public to see, it's behind copyright paywalls. As a writer, I respect those. But still!

    You should be able to get a copy through your library subscription or from someone who is a subscriber.

  8. Do you know if the research was federally funded? If so, there is a requirement that it be made available at no charge. Most public libraries will not have a subscription to this journal, though they may be able to request a photocopy of the specific article through interlibrary loan. You will most likely need the title of the journal, the numbering of the volume and issue and the page numbers to place a request.


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