It is always better to fight an enemy you can name

"It is always better to fight an enemy you can name." 

We need to name eating disorders. What are they? How much of the cause is inherited? How much is epigenetic? What role do diet, experience, and other environmental influences have?

Are eating disorders a spectrum disorder or many different disorders with different causes?

We need to know. We also need to make it happen: science isn't going to just appear because it "should." It takes people who care about it to make sure it is funded, lobbied for, of high quality, and the information gets to the clinicians and families affected.

Often, it takes personally motivated and dogged advocacy. 

Here is a beautiful example of a family's work to save their own child and other people's children through genomics. Doctors and families using cutting edge technology NOW to fight disease. 

Charlotte's Helix is another example of families taking it upon themselves to get involved to save children, including our grandchildren.


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