Huff Po, a twitterlanche, and even a movie star

The start of the Charlotte's Helix project went well yesterday, if sleep deprived. I got up at 5am London time and that was midnight for me. Charlotte managed to blog and tweet and email and FB while having chemo. I found out that nothing goes as quickly as it should even if you've planned it for two months.

The Charlotte's Helix site was announced at 5am London time. Yes, Charlotte, you were first but this is my blog and you cheated: I had to have coffee first.

I announced my birthday donation, too.

Then the Twitter account, and there was an avalanche, a twitter-lanche, of people out there in the world who caught on and the "following" and tweeting and retweeting was staggering. I'm still not caught up with all the heart-warming support throughout the world. Charlotte has surely blistered her fingertips responding. So many lovely friends.

Oh, Facebook... stupendous support and connecting there. By the end of the day in the UK there had been 128 "likes" on the page and countless, countless shares and likes and links. I woke up this morning to 187 and pages and pages of posts.

LinkedIn, also. Then hundreds of emails. And the Helix site stats went straight upward from there.

Somewhere in there I received a new batch of video clips for Charlotte's bonus birthdays including one from a movie star - to go with the greetings from a roller coaster, the Happy Birthday song in an Intensive Care Unit, numerous dogs, party hats, and an actual Marching Band.

And the Huffington Post published a blog post on the project.

Naturally, there were glitches. Non-working links, strange error messages, a calendar problem, and the time when both Charlotte and my emails simply gave up and wouldn't send or receive!

The donations began, too: we heard from people in at least five countries that donations were on their way.

There's a fundraiser involving lavendar sachets. There are plans for armbands.

Birthdays were donated, too: I haven't gone back and counted but at least a dozen or so.

I did get one panicked message asking if this all meant that Charlotte was gone, to which I replied that she is not only alive but with far more stamina than I!

Can I just say this? Working on this with Charlotte and others has been a lot of fun. We're not sitting around in existential dread or thinking more than a day ahead, we're just getting stuff done. So many people are doing the same and it is wonderful.

So, I've explained the Huff Po and the twitterlanche but you'll have to find the actor on your own. He's on the Helix site somewhere.


  1. Loving this ... I am going to mail you with another idea. Shortly. xxxxxx Love and ugs to you awesome lady :-)


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