Happy birthday, Charlotte!

Dozens of people have now pledged their birthdays to our friend, Charlotte. Today is mine for her. I would have been 52 today, but I've decided to stay 51 another year and don't plan to ever take credit for it - one year off I will remain. She didn't ask for it -- but she didn't ask for cancer either.

While I'm thinking of girl friends, some love for my friend, Regina, who gave me lunch out yesterday "for no reason" and a gift to give to "someone else" in the exact spirit of this last week.

To my dear friends and family who have responded so movingly and kindly to another one of Laura's crazy projects. From the 4th grade "K.A.P.P &P" (Kindness to Animals and Plants... and People) to Charlotte's Helix if there's a show in the barn to be put on, I'm there!

Adoring my friends, Robin and Debbi, for turning my neurotic worry into resolve. Grateful to my writing accountability buddy, Cindy, for redefining priorities. For Kathleen for her joyful support and listening ear. For my Band Moms and Dads for theirs. And to my two dear best friends, my mother and my daughter: two women whose counsel and humor improve me daily.

Tickled and grateful for dear Cate for this lovely pic of Charlotte and I. I'm the tall one. Our shoes are divine.

To old friends and new, thank you for being there. I am truly grateful.

Goodbye 51, hello 51 again. Happy Birthday, dear Charlotte. I love you so much. On Cat.


  1. a very merry unbirthday to you...to you

  2. The entry was touching, and the "On Cat" sig made me smile! Love it, and didn't know "On Cat" had turned into such a thing!


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