Survey on a planned retreat for parent caregivers

Becky Henry of the Hope Network is looking for parents to fill out a short survey. It only takes a moment: please help!

Becky Henry and her network at Hope Network, LLC provide support for caregivers of those with eating disorders: 
No one should face an eating disorder alone.  
No one should cope alone with the chaos, confusion and isolation that comes with the challenge of a child with an eating disorder.
Through education and support it is possible to find sanity, fun and even joy in everyday family life. 
We understand. We’ve been there. This is the philosophy that drives Hope Network: to offer education, support and resources for families coping with eating disorders. 
Hope Network, LLC is planning the first weekend retreat for caregivers of those with eating disorders and related diagnoses. The purpose of the retreat, is to give caregivers some HOPE and reduce their sense of isolation, desperation and suffering, while filling them up to be the best possible support for a loved one in recovery. 


  1. I will share this link with my patients' families! Thanks for posting, Laura!

  2. Thank you Laura! Your advocacy for those impacted by eating disorders is a gift to the world.
    Becky Henry
    Hope Network, LLC

  3. I am no longer in the throes of this, but I think this is a wonderful idea. Kudos to whoever thought it up.



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