Tragic, uninformed, and cruel editorial in The Australian, by Brendan O'Neill

Dear Editor:

The recent editorial "So-called experts spewing nonstop nonsense the real disorder" by Brendan O'Neill is deeply concerning. Unfortunately, O'Neill's opinions on this matter are untrue and genuinely harmful. As the mother of a patient who almost lost her life to what the editorial calls "bullshit" I have to say that a half-hour at a hospital treating eating disorders (the most lethal mental illnesses) or to a graveyard with a parent who has lost their beloved son or daughter -- would be sobering to him. Parents who are engaged in a life or death battle to get care and to get support from friends and family during the crisis suffer from such uninformed and cruel editorials.

I would appreciate the opportunity to correspond with Mr. O'Neill and his editor. 

Laura Collins
Policy Director, F.E.A.S.T.


  1. There is a spike Face Book page with the article posted on it. I have commented.

  2. Here's the link


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