Ode to Joy

Charlotte, it is really frustrating to have the same arguments with people endlessly, isn't it?
Seems pointless, really. Wouldn't it be great to just get that other person to SEE or to be quiet or have others shout her down? Wouldn't it be amazing if that person had an epiphany and DID understand and we all moved forward together?

But let's remember:
  • The actual person posing the question is just one person while the answer is for everyone, anyone, and over time far far more people than you'll ever know. 
  • It may be the same question, but the question itself is valid and shared by many. It deserves an answer. 
  • It may be the same distorted response but we are also helping others like us in examples of how to answer.
  • It's the umpteenth time for US, but there's a parent out there who is new to all this and will want to hear it.
  • By treating that person with respect, anyway, we dignify our humanity and theirs.
  • These arguments are similar to what faces parents during caregiving and modeling a caring and calm response we're practicing what we preach.
  • The arguments against good sense will always be there but their presence and persistence, and the genuine pain they represent, are something we need to brave, not fear.
  • It's okay for someone to be wrong on the Internet. 
  • Truth will out.
  • Sometimes what I'd really like to give "some people" is a hug.


  1. I love you Laura. Your ability to see the good IS so powerful.


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