I dare you to stop watching this!

I don't know why it should be a guilty pleasure but it is: I'm loving this series of online TV segments on WIGS. I dare you to watch the first one in this series and not click on the second. But I'm warning you, your next week is going to be shot because you're going to start watching all the different series. There's only one that I watched Episode 1 and said "meh" and didn't continue. Each segment is really short so you'll THINK you'll "just watch one" but you won't.

It's a strange genre of programming and they haven't quite got the pacing right for the format at times (the Christine series is the exception: perfect for the format) and the episodes can be a bit uneven, but the acting is excellent and the characterization is astounding in such short bits.

I also don't have a clue why it is aimed at women. That annoys me. But doesn't keep me from clicking "next video."


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