A poem sent to me by my friend, Erika, that will add some sass to your walk today:

Hollie McNish, Performance Poem, WOW

If you're not usually one to seek out poetry, make an exception for this one. It's worth it!!!

**thank you, Erika!


  1. I listened and it was beautiful - missed the broadcast this morning and so glad that you brought it to my attention Laura/Erica; wiping a tear from my eye and feeling good about my body today!

  2. That was awesome, Laura, and if you hadn't added that disclaimer, I probably would have skipped it. Thank you!

  3. Erica, no joke - for the rest of the day after I heard that poem when I found myself slumping in my chair or internally whining about something I felt this kick of McNish come over me and snapped OUT of it!

    Oh, Colleen, we know you just like the accent! (we've got that on tape)


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