Soft, squishy science

There are days when I'm speechless in the face of well-meaning nonsense. Luckily, I have friends who can find the words. 

"Until we can, as a society, change the perceptions of eating disorders, as they did with autism and schizophrenia, we are going to continue to be the subject of soft science."  

Good luck tomorrow, C. We'll make sure to save a little society changing for next week.


  1. Well meaning nonsense is the worst kind, because at least obvious trolling is...well, obvious! With good intentions people can say "what harm will it do?", and call anyone who insists that there IS potential harm an alarmist, a hardliner, a radical or controversial. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and all of that!

    I am sure that there will be quackery enough to entertain C when she comes back :) at least some of it is good for a laugh!

  2. C, darling, good luck tomorrow. Just sayin', rhino to elephant.


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